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Thirty Flights of Loving

I find it difficult to bring myself to say anything about this game. It is, in essence, an interactive dream. It has the narrative discontinuities of a dream. The inexplicable feelings of a dream. And I mistrust anything I can’t explain, so I am tempted to suppress any praise of Thirty Flights of Loving.

But, through the things Colin Stetson says with his saxophone, and the things Jonathan Blow said about Buddhism and the moon and a pointing finger, and the things my friend, Joe, has said about learning to experience art through someone else’s perspective, I am learning to set aside my mistrust.

With that in mind, I can present the two pieces of Thirty Flights of Loving that I found moving, and I can side-step the desire to explain them or justify why they are good, or talk about their relationship to all the other bits of the game that I did not find moving.

Um, these are spoilers, I suppose.

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