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Jeffrey Lewis, The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song

04 The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song.mp3

Excerpt 1:

Though you may not believe it

You know what she says to me next

As I repeat it

That line about getting a blow job

That Leonard sings

She said it made her

Want to do naughty things

Right about then

I should have asked

If she knew

What the Chelsea charged

If we got a room for two

But I didn’t and I know

I’m a schmuck, don’t you doubt it

The only thing I did

Was write this stupid song about it

If I was Leonard Cohen

Or some other song writing master

I’d know to first get the oral sex

And then write the song after

Excerpt 2:

You may think it’s pathetic

That I sing this song

And that she will never know it

But think a minute about what that means

And you’ll realise it’s actually a wonderful thing

That all around the world

There maybe folks singing tunes

For the love of others folks

They barely knew

And it puts a smile on my face

Yes, it do

And let me tell you

You ought to be smillin too

‘Cos the next time you feeling

Kinda lonesome and blue

Just think that someone somewhere

Might be singin about you

And I love the fact that he released a version that has him gulping part way through a line.

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