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In Search of Tomorrow, Chris Granger

A killer summary of the many prototypes that Kodowa built in search of the future of programming.


Making programming better

The six lines of JS code required

Asynchrony - incidental complexity

Closures - incidental complexity

The DOM - indirection

Identity - indirection, incidental complexity

Mutable assignment - incidental complexity

Scope - incidental complexity


Jupyter-style notebook

Bloom-inspired idea

Tiny UI editor plus relational database

SQL-like query language

SQL-like query language plus UI builder

Using an enhanced UI builder and SQL-like language to make a Foursquare clone

Visual query builder

A tool to think with

Final prototype

The user writes wiki-style text documents in a text area. These documents contain tags that specify data and relationships.

The user can query the documents by writing text into a text input field.

The user can turn a query into a card that describes some new piece of information.

This card is shown in relevant contexts.

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