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Dont Look Back

I love how Dylan is mostly at a remove from the events around him. But, occasionally, like when he gets cross about the glass being throw, he is totally unironic.

It’s cool how Dylan seems to play music all the time.

I love how he dismisses the views of critics, and he prizes and also questions the admiration of the audience. "You really like that song? What do you like about it?“

I love the strange little scene when Baez is playing a song, Dylan is typing something out on the typewriter, and Grossman and the girl are just hanging around.

It also feels magical that this is a moment where great art is being made. And we get to see it. Only a few clues of the how: Dylan can type while Baez is singing and while other people are there, he's composing on a typewriter, he's thinking a bit before writing.

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